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I was lucky to get Birkenstock slippers as a gift. Immediately I felt the difference to other shoes and understood that Birkenstock is a name that is well known for innovative orthopaedic technology and foot health in Germany and around the world.

While I was in Germany I was introduced to the sales compartment and they suggested to sell their products in the Caribbean. Because of my own experience I had no doubt, that these shoes will find their customers. I ordered my first stock in 1998 and I am happy that my customers feel the difference as well.

Some of them experienced bunions, corns and other problems associated with the feet. Since they are wearing Birkenstock they take a critical look at their footwear.

Birkenstock original footwear made in Germany since 1776 are designed to provide support, stability, comfort and durability. The shoes and slippers follows the natural curves of the feet and distributes the body´s weight evenly across both feet.

Try it yourself, just contact me by phone or mail.

“Nature provides the best example”

Geneve Phillip